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A warm welcome to the
Berlin Jewish Hospital!

Your Hospital with Heart
Berlin Jewish Hospital

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us. The Berlin Jewish Hospital has been providing medical and nursing care to the people of our city for more than 260 years.

The name “Jewish Hospital” refers to the origins of our hospital, an organization which was funded by the Berlin Jewish community. In keeping with our traditions, we are an open hospital. We provide our medical, nursing and social services to anyone who needs our help, regardless of religion and culture, origin and skin colour.

Our core medical areas consist of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Neurology and Psychiatry and are the main focus of our hospital. The most commonly treated diseases include heart disease, vascular disorders, strokes, multiple sclerosis, addictive disorders, degenerative joint diseases, gastro-intestinal diseases and metabolic disorders such as diabetes.

The first-aid unit in our hospital is an important point of contact for emergency care. Here patients are provided with help around the clock by an experienced team of specialized doctors from all fields as well as specialized nurses.

The transparent size of our hospital ensures easy professional collaboration between different specialized areas and a very personal atmosphere when caring for our patients: The Jewish Hospital is “Your Hospital with Heart”!

Through the takeover of the Residential Care Centre at the Jewish Hospital since 2003, we have extended our commitment to the people of our city by including the care and support of the elderly.